Hiring & Managing Domestic Help

Hong Kong and Singapore edition

Andreas Rosboch

“This book is an excellent complementary resource for expats who use AsiaXPAT to hire a domestic helper.”
— Paul Luciw, Founder and Managing Director, AsiaXPAT.com

A practical guide for hiring and managing domestic help

How do you feel when it comes to hiring and managing domestic help? Stressed? Unsure? Overwhelmed? Haven Books' newest title: Hiring and Managing Domestic Help by Andreas Rosboch can answer your questions and explain the hiring process; mistakes every employer should avoid; how to build trust in your relationship with your helper; how to plan your helper's work schedule; how to collaborate with your helper to achieve an efficient household; what you need to know about kids and helpers; PLUS real-life stories and juicy confessions from employers and helpers.

Sunday Morning Post Best-seller
"Man about the house tackles amah dramas" —Vivian Chen, South China Morning Post
"Though the traits of a good helper are often open to debate, nothing beats instinct." —Andrea Li, South China Morning Post, Parents' Guide

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  • HK$120
  • ISBN 978-988-18094-9-0
  • Softcover
  • 14cm x 20.3cm
  • 144 pp
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Why Hire a Helper?
Planning, Finding & Interviewing
Fundamentals of the Helper-Employer Relationship
Setting Expectations & Daily Schedules
The New Household Dynamic
Helpers & Children
Perks & Privileges
Troubleshooting Amah Dramas
Ending the Helper’s Contract
Helper Anecdotes: The Good & the Bad
Official Domestic Help Information